Roadhog RGVAN01

The Roadhog RGVAN01 is a robust van tyre especially designed for heavy loads.
The tyre features an extra reinforced tyre structure (the carcass). As a result, the tyre feels more stable and barely deforms under maximum loads. The continuous length grooves in the tread construction of the RGVAN01, combined with the open width grooves, ensure effective discharge of water and dirt. As a result, the tyres maintain grip and the risk of aquaplaning is significantly reduced. The extra reinforced shoulders and extra wide shoulder blocks guarantee stable driving behaviour in even the sharpest of corners.


    Extra reinforced tyre structure
    Robust profile with continuous tread grooves
    Optimum protection against aquaplaning
    Stable when braking and in the event of lateral loads
    Performance on dry roads
    • 85%
    Performance on wet roads
    • 92%
    Rolling resistance
    • 78%
    Comfort / sound
    • 96%
    • 98%
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