Roadhog tyres




Roadhog tyres

Roadhog tyres are produced on modern hi-tech production lines and offer the ideal mix of quality, performance and price. Thanks to Roadhog's years of experience in producing tyres, an optimum quality and performance level is guaranteed. Roadhog's summer tyres perform optimally under dry conditions, but also remain reliable on wet roads. Even in the event of sudden braking or in sharp turns, the tyres feel stable and sturdy without compromising on comfort. Both Roadhog's summer and All Season tyres are available in a wide range of types and sizes, all at very attractive prices. Ask your garage or tyre specialist about availability, tyre sizes and versions for your specific car. No matter the amount of kilometres you drive, with Roadhog you have reliable partner at your side. In other words, you'll feel safe at all times!

The tyre of the moment

Reliable driving and braking characteristics in all seasons
Excellent performance on dry and wet roads
Maximum grip on snow, shorter braking distance
Optimum protection against aquaplaning
13" - 18"