Roadhog RGHP01

The Roadhog RGHP01 is the High Performance equivalent of the RGS01. All specifications are the same as the RGS01, the difference being that the RGHP01 is suitable for cars in both the mid and high-end segment of the market. Our range also includes wider and lower tyre sizes and larger inch sizes.
This High Performance version also features four wide continuous length grooves. This allows water to be efficiently discharged, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning. The tread with reliable tread blocks and angled tread grooves ensures optimum grip, reliable driving behaviour and a shorter braking distance on dry roads. On wet roads, the tyre allows for sharp steering precision, greatly improving safety. The Roadhog RGHP01 is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 17 to 18 inches.


    Impressive performance on wet roads
    Reliable driving behaviour on dry roads, shorter braking distance
    Sharp steering precision on wet roads
    Optimum protection against aquaplaning
    Performance on dry roads
    • 96%
    Performance on wet roads
    • 84%
    Rolling resistance
    • 91%
    Comfort / sound
    • 79%
    • 83%
    17 inch
    205/40R17 84WCC))71
    205/45R17 88WCB))71
    205/50R17 93WBB))71
    205/55R17 95WBB))71
    215/40R17 87WCB))71
    215/45R17 91WCC))71
    215/50R17 95WBB))71
    215/55R17 98WBB))71
    215/60R17 96HCB))70
    225/45R17 94YCB))71
    225/50R17 98WBB))71
    225/55R17 101WBB))71
    225/60R17 99HCB))70
    225/65R17 102HBB))70
    235/45R17 97WBC))71
    235/55R17 103WCB))71
    18 inch
    215/35R18 84WCB))71
    215/55R18 99VCC))71
    225/40R18 92YBB))71
    225/45R18 95WBB))71
    225/55R18 102WBB))71
    235/40R18 95WBB))71
    235/45R18 98WBB))71
    235/50R18 101WBB))71
    245/40R18 97YBB))71
    245/45R18 100YBB))71
    19 inch
    235/35R19 91WBB))71