Roadhog RGASV01

The Roadhog RGASV01 is an All Season tyre designed especially for vans. The strongly reinforced tyre structure, with extra plies and rigid sides, guarantees stability under all conditions. Whether on dry or wet roads, on the motorway or in sharp turns, the Roadhog RGASV01 optimally performs under maximum loads. The tread construction, special All Season rubber composition and large tread blocks ensure the ideal mix of summer and winter properties during all seasons.


    Optimised for every season
    Impressive performance on wet roads
    Powerful braking performance on snow
    Optimum protection against aquaplaning
    Performance on dry roads
    • 87%
    Performance on wet roads
    • 96%
    Rolling resistance
    • 76%
    Comfort / sound
    • 69%
    • 87%